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SignSense Gesture Studio

SignSense Gesture Studio

$ 86

SignSense™ Gesture Studio is a plug-in for Kinect SDK that simplifies application adaptation for gesture control.


  • Capture & playback own gestures in 3D space
  • Visualize trajectory frame-by-frame or in movie mode
  • Edit gestures and test recognition
  • Generate .NET code to detect gestures in user project
  • Sample application with source code

More details

SignSense® Gesture Studio plug-in aims to make access to gesture control and programming easy and fast for game developers and infotainment application developers. It supports Kinect for Windows and provides simplified access to human body model and skeleton points. It hooks up to sensor data feed and filters meaningful parameters, translating them as data of skeleton points, poses and gestures. Data processing happens in SignSense® runtime component working in background, controlled via its Public API by user code, providing skeleton and gesture data in polling mode, or triggering events on desired gestures.

Recorder+Recognizer utility provides all necessary means for recording and editing body movements, turning them to poses and gestures. Recognizer can be switched on and off by the user. When ON, it constantly listens on sensor data and tries to detect gestures that user performs. Gestures can be created by user as well as some provided “out-of-the-box”. 

SignSense® Gesture Studio is a commercial product, providing C# API and run-time component library that can be redistributed as part of user project along with recorded gestures. The license allows you to use all features of the SignSense® for development and augment as many of your projects with gesture recognition library and recorder gestures as needed.